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Born and raised in Florida, Craig picked up the guitar at the age of 7. As he progressed, Craig quickly found his love for producing music also. With influences like Paul Gilbert, Blues Saraceno, Zakk Wylde, Vinnie Moore, Stevie Ray & Joe Bonamassa, Craig knew what kind of guitar player / producer he wanted to be. Craig has worked with and is currently working with artists and bands such as Todd LaTorre ( Queensryche & Crimson Glory ), XThirt13n, Mandy Moore, Ford Productions, Underoath, Smackhead, Zak Stevens, Circle II Circle, KLC, Audea, & Fathom Blue.

Craig Blackwell is currently the lead singer, lead guitar, writer & producer of Disciples Of Mayhem

Equipment Craig uses:
Gibson, ESP & Jackson guitars
Blackstar Amplification
MXR, Ibanez, Boss, Dunlop, EMG, Seymor Duncan & Dimarzio

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